We have always operated a like-for-like quotation beating policy. Our highly respected company name, and large fleet of vehicles are the envy of many, so much that at least two operators have tried to copy our name and pass off as ourselves. What they do not realise is that we have a total dedication to customer delight. We are experienced in multi vehicle operations, and not just tied to one area like other part time taxi drivers are, we are a truly nationwide company and are licensed to operate on the nationwide basis. With a one man band, what happens if he is ill on your wedding day of your clients all important meeting? We have several drivers and several vehicles always on standby.

We also have encountered occasions where small one man band owner operators give a quotation for a job, but then a better one comes along and they then give back word. We have never done this, nor would we. Nor have we ever let anybody down.

Some operators use old taxi vehicles, some are base short wheel base vehicles aged over 13 years old. All of our people carriers of dedicated chauffeur vehicles and so have to pass very regular vehicle inspections. We certainly would not want to be heading somewhere important in a short wheelbase 13-year-old taxi as some operators use, all of our Mercedes people carrier vehicles have been acquired from new, and carry the manufacturers warranty, you know then you are travelling in a new modern vehicle and not an old one which is likely to break down. Likewise, it is important that if you are been quoted for Mercedes chauffeur driven transportation, that you are getting the same vehicle in your quotation. Some operators will not disclose that it will be a Mercedes E class that they will be providing. We will always mention beforehand on the quotation the vehicle model and type that you are getting, with an age and description of the vehicle as well.

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