A professionally trained chauffeur is the face of the company providing your VIP driving services, and as such should represent your company to the best of their ability. Regardless of the requirements of that service – whether it is to transport executives from one meeting to another or to pick up a visiting diplomat from the airport – the chauffeur will be the one that is remembered by service users, so they need to leave a lasting impression for all the right reasons.

Professional, Polite, Proficient.

The three main attributes of a professionally trained Chauffeur are professionalism, politeness and proficiency. The first thing that should strike you from the way a Chauffeur presents themselves is their professionalism. They need to have an in-depth knowledge of the schedule of the service user and any other necessary information which will have been transferred at the time of booking. For instance, some passengers like to have a bottle of water or a newspaper for when they are in the car, and it’s the chauffeur’s job to make sure that their needs are serviced.

Secondly, if the chauffeur doesn’t possess a politeness about them, then they will forever be remembered as the surly one and will give off completely the wrong impression of the chauffeur company as a whole. It is extremely important to remember manners and etiquette, such as their names (the correct title and surname is preferable to just a Christian name, as it shows a level of respect which is expected), opening the doors for the passenger and making sure that they have everything they need. Once the passenger is in the car, the chauffeur is entirely responsible for their well being and is solely accountable for delivering an exceptional service at all times.

This then leads to the proficiency attribute. You wouldn’t expect a professional chauffeur to not know where they are going once the passenger has been picked up and as such, the route to the destination should have been pee-determined so the Chauffeur has a clear direction in his mind. Of course, in these days of satellite navigation technology, it isn’t too difficult to get to a destination that you haven’t been to before, but the way the passenger does get there still has to be proficient. Speeding, weaving in and out of traffic and breaking the speed limits aren’t ways to show your or the company’s proficiency. Actions such as these as a first impression will not be good!

Other Attributes.

Obviously, there should be more to a chauffeur than just professionalism, politeness and proficiency. A natural friendliness is something which can go a long way in building a rapport with the service user and, utilized correctly, will see the chauffeur being hand selected by the service user the next time they use, for instance, professional chauffeur services in York. They should also be pleasant, discreet, respectful and also knowledgeable. Getting into a car with a knowledgeable chauffeur can help put the service user at ease.

Our drivers have undergone a strict medical examination and are enhanced CRB checked. None disclosure agreements are also signed.

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