Maybe you require a car to take you to the local airport for a business trip but don’t want to use a regular taxi service because you need to do some work or make a few confidential calls on the way.
Perhaps you have a really important client you want to impress, who needs picking up or ferrying around the city all day. Or maybe you want to make a special occasion such as an anniversary or big birthday a really memorable event.

Whatever the reason, hiring a chauffeur will be the answer. Whether it’s for business or pleasure, using a York chauffeur service will enable you to leave a good first impression which will help you seal a business deal or enjoy a day to remember for all the right reasons.

How to Choose the Best Chauffeur Service? Ring us! As with most services or trades, recommendation remains the best way to find a good and reliable chauffeur service. Word of mouth – hearing about the first-hand experiences of a service from someone you trust, such as friends, family members or business colleagues – is the most reliable way to ensure you use the best, most professional company available. So ask around first before you do anything else. We are delighted that we undertake so much business through word of mouth and repeat custom from our loyal clients.

But if you don’t know anyone who has used a chauffeur, how can you possibly choose one? How do you know they will turn up on time and provide the specific requirements you ask for? The internet is of course the most immediate way to discover local companies and research their reputations. Google and other search engines are vital – they can help you find a York chauffeur service which is close by and then enable you to look at their customers’ experiences through reviews or testimonials. Most firms these days have their own websites, which should be the first place to look for details of the precise services they offer. The best of them will also contain customer reviews or testimonials on the site itself, so you can check out people’s first-hand experience of the company and get a feel for how they perform.

Another way to choose is by using a long-established company like ours. If a firm has been in the business for several years, you know they are more likely to be successful (because they would have gone out of business otherwise), and they are also likely, at the most basic level, to know what they are doing.

But What do you Look For? When choosing a chauffeur service, you need someone who you know will be discreet, courteous and helpful at all times, as well as friendly – but not overbearingly so. You want a company which listens to your needs, one which is adaptable to changing circumstances, such as delayed flights or altered plans, and one which treats you or your guests like the VIPs you are. Please ask to see copies of licences and insurance. We are happy to provide ours. Remember to ask how many staff work there, and are they a chauffeur company like ours, with professional chauffeurs. Or are they taxi drivers who run their business as a sideline, like some operators.

Have they got a large fleet of over 30 cars like us? With immaculate vehicles from Mercedes, including S Class limousines and latest shape V Class people carriers, Range Rover Vogue, Bentley Flying Spur and 3 Rolls Royce Phantoms, all with complimentary WiFi and refreshments.

Above all, you need a firm which offers the ultimate in professionalism.

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