We have a large range of cars including

Mercedes, Bentley, Rolls-Royce and Range Rover. We can also even supply you with our pop-up gazebo and outside chairs for your tour, events or picnic lunch. We have taken many clients around the beautiful Yorkshire Dales and know just the right spots to stop off to show you a magnificent view or help you take a photograph you will always remember. We also have brought many clients to James Harriott country, and of course to Robert Thompson’s handmade furniture centre, also known as the MouseMan of Kilburn. Many of our tours have a historical theme, with many beautiful cathedrals and abbeys. Our professional photography service is free, as is our tour guide. Your tour can be coast-to-coast, and we are happy to change your itinerary on the route. Hadrian‘s wall is another popular destination, where we can tell you much about the local area, and its history. We also conduct many tours for research teams, this can be from an archaeological dig, sites for proposed television or film locations, and also site visits for commercial entities.

Email us at info@yorkchauffeurs.co.uk

Tel: 07802 376970 & 07790 334455

York Chauffeurs