We are able to undertake much of our varied assignments due to the size of our fleet and quality of service, with a huge range of various luxury vehicles.

Not only are our vehicles are available to be supplied for television programmes, and have done in the past, we have a number of theme vehicles available for all occasions.

We are the preferred choice for many production companies, as we have the size of fleet and number of drivers to be able to adjust to varying circumstances which often occur in production work.

We are familiar with all the local, regional and nationwide production location sites, And our vehicles are security recognised for access at these venues.

Our Range Rover Vogue is particularly sought-after due to its prestige and versatility. Snowy weather is and extreme off road conditions are part of the Range Rovers extreme capabilities, as well as a cavernous cargo area.

Our Mercedes long wheelbase luxury people carriers at the very latest models and can carry several crew and all filming equipment.

Of course we are extremely experienced in transporting those who are at the other side of the camera. Unlike others, we never mention our celebrity clients, and we have the largest range of luxury vehicles possible this side of London.

Whatever your requirements are, York chauffeurs are able and happy to help you with a fleet and service second to none.