As Yorks premier chauffeur company, we have a large fleet of top of the range, fully licensed vehicles including Mercedes S Class limousines, Mercedes people carriers, Range Rover, Bentley & Rolls Royces. As we, not taxi drivers, we have backup chauffeurs and extra vehicles for your booking if required. Should your booking run over time, that is not a problem. Many of our bookings are last minute: perhaps you forgot that special anniversary dinner; not only can we provide transport at short notice, but we can also assist at getting you in at the best restaurants.

We also have been called upon numerous times if somebody has had an injury whilst visiting York and need a journey home, which can be anywhere in the country. We were glad to be of service to a delightful couple recently who sadly had their visit cut short to York. We had confirmed our availability straight away and assisted from the hospital to the four-hour journey ahead. It was a very pleasant compliment to hear that the journey was a delight, and upon the recovery, we will be guaranteed to be called for a tour of York and the north of England. Many lesser companies who have tried to copy our name and ways simply do not have the bond that we have with our loyal customers. The trouble is if there is only one person running a company what happens if that person Is ill? We have several fully licensed and registered drivers so we never have that problem, and often we find people appreciate our flexibility in extending their job, which we can always accommodate. Companies who operate as a part-time chauffeur because their full-time occupation is a taxi driver simply cannot offer this facility nor do they have a large range of luxury top of the range vehicles that we do. Email us at

Tel: 07802 376970 & 07790 334455

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