Whilst we always beat quotes happily, we wish to respectfully point out that you are aware of the type of vehicle you have been quoted for. We do not use Mercedes E class vehicles when quoting for luxury transportation. Yes, we do have Mercedes E class saloons and estates, they are excellent and versatile vehicles and the Mercedes estate swallows suitcases with ease. However the ultimate Mercedes luxury Mercedes vehicle is the Mercedes S class, we have the long wheelbase version, and also have the very latest facelift version in metallic obsidian black which is now a very popular colour over and above commonplace silver. So to repeat, when you do get a quote for a vehicle transportation, please ensure you are getting the same quote for the same vehicle, as it wouldn’t be fair for an operator to not disclose you would be travelling in an E class. All of our quotations clarify the vehicle model that one of our drivers will be arriving in.

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