Some companies only have one fleet car to offer their clients, we have several including both industry leaders, the Mercedes S class limousine and  now the BMW 7 Series long wheelbase limousine. We have always had Mercedes S Class limousines (and have a brand new version of the latest shape), but noticed an increasing request for the BMW 7 Series limousine. The BMW brand is a popular choice for many of our clients personal cars, and comments on the huge specification of our car is regally made. Our clients can enjoy rear televisions, electrically closing doors, electric rear door and window blinds, electrically heated, reclining and vibrating rear seats with memories, individual digital climate control both the rear passengers, individual rear entertainment screens and controls with DVD player and digital television, bluetooth headphones, rear foot stools. And no less than 5 external cameras! As you may know, BMW acquired the Rolls Royce brand, and we have noticed many similarities between our new BMW 7 Series limousine to our Rolls Royce Ghost.

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