Winter is rapidly approaching. Sadly, York Train station can get closed without much notice, leaving stranded passengers. Most passenger cars are not equipped to tackle the snow safely, and the M62 last year was closed, leaving stranded passengers overnight. For these reasons we have a Range Rover Vogue 4×4 on our extensive fleet, finished in dark metallic blue with a cream leather interior and blue piping. Perhaps you are attending a shoot and want a vehicle on standby all day on the moors. Or you have a winter wedding, or an important flight that you just cannot miss. We can even supply you with our folding gazebo ans chairs for race days or that special picnic! Just look at the recent Royal Weddings, aside from Rolls Royces, which we also have several of, the Range Rover is the only choice of our Royal family. Even Her Majesty the Queen drives one! Email us at 

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