Our beautiful Rolls-Royce Ghost is finished in metallic silver with a luxury black leather interior. Whilst we also own and operate a Rolls-Royce Phantom, we have found the Ghost is the preferred choice for private individuals and companies alike. We also have a classic and award-winning vintage Rolls-Royce Silver spirit, which is used for film work and weddings, quite often it is the dream vehicle of the groom as he was growing up so has an association of nostalgia. Both the Rolls-Royce Ghost and Phantom have the special opening rear doors that open the opposite way as you would expect for a normal car.

Our Phantom and Ghost both have been specified from new with many optional extras, with a new list price of the Ghost over £1/4 of a million pounds, and a new list price of the Phantom of over £300,000, should you fit the bespoke options which our vehicles carry. As these vehicles represent a large investment to our company, rest assured they are serviced and valeted to the very highest levels to ensure our investment and your satisfaction are closely and safely preserved. There is no greater. Way to travel them by Rolls-Royce, so treat yourself or a loved one today, digital photographs are included free of charge if desired.

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