We operate one of the Norths largest range of cars, with numerous Mercedes, (Including class long wheelbase people carriers and top of the range S Class long wheelbase limousines) Bentley, Range Rover and several Rolls Royce’s. We offer an unbeatable, personal service, and for many of our customers, we become almost a part of the family! These ongoing relationships are due to many hours spent together. Whilst lesser companies have tried to copy our name, they have absolutely no chance of copying the bond and rapport that we have with our loyal customers, Built upon years of trust, reliability and great service. There is always somebody to answer your call 24/7, our professional drivers are very highly trained and know the areas extremely well, and unlike other York companies, we are a dedicated chauffeur company, not taxi drivers who do this as a sideline. If your job changes due to a delay or your requirements need the job to run over the scheduled booming, this is not a problem as we have several drivers always able to accommodate your changing requests. Whether you are a PA for a large plc, private individuals wanting a special night out, and whether your destination is near or far, we can gladly help.Email us at info@yorkchauffeurs.co.uk

Tel: 07802 376970 & 07790 334455

York Chauffeurs