Although York is notoriously flat, the key roads can soon be undrivable due to the snow.
Many of the villages around York simply have not got snow clearance considerations from the council.
We have always owned a top Range Rover Vogue, which is available for emergency jobs. Although most of our top-of-the-range executive vehicles are rear-wheel drive, even with snow tires, they are no match to the perils of the weather.
Our Range Rover Vogue has saved the day on many occasions. Do not jeopardise that all-important meeting, flight, or wedding. Due to the weather, please ensure you book us and our Range Rover to deliver you safely, in comfort, and relaxed. Although all our vehicles are fitted with air conditioning, their heated front, and rear seats are particularly useful at this time of year. If you want Chauffeur Service in York, then you need to contact us at York Chauffeurs.